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The Spark in the Machine – a must read for Craniosacral Therapists

Every so often the comes along an exceptional book that excites those who do Cranial and Myofascial Release therapy.
In this case it is written by a medical doctor who practices emergency medicine and Acupuncture.
Dr Keown’s book shows how Western medicine validates the theories of Chinese Medicine , and how Chinese Medicine explains the the mysteries of the body that western medicine largely ignores.
So you may ask, what is a book about Chinese Medicine of use to Craniosacral Therapists? Well John Barnes the pioneer of Myofascial Release Therapy stated 30 years ago that the Acupuncture Meridians passed through the body’s fascia and if fascia is constricted it will impede upon energy flow through the meridians. A revolutionary thought at the time.
This book is as much about fascia as it is about Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture principles. The book talks a lot about fascia and fascial planes and the connection between various disorders of the body.
What i like about this book is it connects a lot of dots for those who were a little perplexed about the fascia- energetic connections. I was not clear about embryology until i read this book -now it all makes a bit more sense -the connection of fascia related to embryology-and hence to craniosacral therapy .
There is much to write about this book but for me it is one of the best reads ( Text book type reads ) that i have come across in a while. I could not put the book down and I can highly recommend it even if you know very little about Chinese Medicine. Loaded with information ,this book is for the Craniosacral Therapist who would like to delve a little deeper into the Cranial-fascial connection and perhaps see the value in Chinese Medicine.
The book is published by Singing dragon Press and i suggest go to their site for a small video introduction which introduces Dr Keown.
Peter Farnsworth N.D