Embryology – spirits and essence

Biodynamic CT

PRE-REQUISITE: open to anyone 

The structures found in us as adults are present, in miniature, by the eighth week of gestation.  Prior to that, amazing transmutative forces are at play.  Differentiation, all the seemingly “separate parts,” take shape and form as a continuum of unified functional wholeness arising from a core of stillness called the primitive streak: Midline.  There will be daily hands-on work exchanges.  Emphasis is on the body-felt-sense-awareness presence and healing potential of these creative forces.

Open to anyone interested in the subject and particularly applicable to biodynamic approaches. Prior anatomical knowledge helpful though is not required as this is a unique foundational territory and the ground from which various other studies can be based. The implications of what you discover here has the potential to expand your understanding and capacity as a practitioner of just about any modality.

Course fee: $525 USD /3 -day , 21 contact hours