About The Craniosacral Academy

about CST Academy

The Craniosacral Academy engages the experience of many trainers and teachers who have extensive qualifications in the CranioSacral Therapy and Biodynamic Cranial  Approach. The quality of any training is dependent on the teachers and their experiences in this work – see our Teachers Profiles.


The Craniosacral Academy was initially founded under the direction  – Patricia Farnsworth RCST. Patricia was one of the most qualified educators in Australia in CranioSacral Therapy and Myofascial Release and was one of the first teachers to teach Myofascial release in Australia.

The Academy was transferred to Giorgia Milne after Patricia’s retirement some time ago.  Giorgia is offering several new courses about Biodynamic Cranial Approach – Here is a link to Georgia’s website in the USA –  A Touch of Presence .http://www.touch of presence.com