Craniosacral Anatomy – Distinction within the functional whole

Biodynamic CT

PRE-REQUISITE: open to anyone 

(Recommended foundation class for any CST and of great value for other modalities. Suggested pre-requisite for Brain)

An introduction and overview of foundation anatomy, structure, function and energetics of the craniosacral system.  Open to anyone from any school.  This class benefits cs students and practitioners of all levels and those from other touch and movement modalities.  The teaching approach and atmosphere supports a variety of levels of background and learning styles.  Whether you are just beginning your exploration of cranial anatomy, are seasoned practitioners, or anywhere in between, you will discover something of value in the transmission field of how this course is presented.  Emphasis is on the “parts” related to a functional whole.

Topics include and are not limited to embryogenesis, formation of midline and early development, principal bones, muscles and ligaments of the cs system, origins of bones, ossification centres, sutures, joints and craniometric points, reciprocal tension membrane, cerebral spinal fluid production and circulation, venous sinus flow, intro and overview of CNS, brain function and cranial nerves.

 4-day , 28 contact hours