Fulcrums – portals of wholeness

Biodynamic CT

PRE-REQUISITE: open to anyone 

“A fulcrum is a pivot point of stillness that provides the power to organise a specific activity. Fulcra are portals that connect all the dots between separation and oneness. Because stillness is the core of every activity, it is the constant uniting principle through which each part connects with other parts and with the whole. In this way, the infinitesimal connects with the infinite.”      Charles Ridley: STILLNESS, pgs 23-24

This course focuses on the depths and dimensions of Fulcrum. We will explore the spirit, matter, and essence of fulcrum beyond its classical description. Through the combination of lectures, experiential exercises, hands-on work, and discussion, we’ll take a multi-faceted view of the manifold and even fractal nature of fulcrums. This supports the understanding and integration of Wholeness as Health and its implication for any practice modality and everyday life.

At the heart of every fulcrum, there is love.

Be Still And Love

Course fee: $ 525 USD/3 -day,  21 contact hours