Biodynamic Cranial Touch Classes – Stillness touch

Biodynamic Cranial Touch Classes are for everyone interested in learning about presence and the extraordinary potency of non-invasive touch. We welcome beginners, advanced practitioners, and everyone in between to learn a new way of sensing, feeling, being, and touching. This gentle touch invites you to become aware of the Breath of Life as it welcomes you, relaxes you, and heals you. Where most craniosacral work ends, the threshold of biodynamics begins. Join us in discovering what awaits us by cultivating this deeper level of presence, touch and healing. These classes are instructional and experiential.

Biodynamic Cranial Touch – The Initiatory Course



Prerequisites: Open to All – Especially suited to Energy Therapy Practitioners, Craniosacral Therapists, Qi Gong Practitioners, Massage & Movement Therapists, Yoga enthusiasts and Meditators looking for a deeper experience.

This class is for anyone interested in learning about the healing power of touch and intention. We teach this amazing work by using meditation, Biodynamic Cranial Touch, and sharing. Health practitioners, therapists, body workers, teachers, cranial practitioners and those who wish to begin or further develop an understanding and a practice of non-invasive touch are all welcome. This class is a requirement for Dynamic Stillness mentor programs developed by Charles Ridley, author of STILLNESS: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and The Evolution of Consciousness. You may take this class without a commitment to take the mentoring program.

Class Description

In this 3-day class we will explore mutual touch as a way to experience the central healing channel that exists within the body. We will create a healing space using meditation; explore heart awareness, and what it means to be in tonal match to the one we are touching. This leads to powerful encounters with The Breath of Life (according to biodynamics, the power that forms and heals the body). This course is designed so you can gently immerse yourself in and develop a living, intimate touch that connects you and your client to the Breath of Life, without applying any outside force or intention.

Our work emphasises a neutral disposition of quiet and still presence centred in our heart of hearts with an attitude of non-doing and non-efference. Much of the focus is on the practitioner’s experience and sensing in a bodily way what the “tone” of the field is. You will be taught practices to support learning how to remain unwaveringly present so that we can “Be still and know, I am.”

For students and practitioners of CranioSacral Therapy, this class offers a deepening and clarification of that which is more purely defined as biodynamic craniosacral.

21 contact hours : Course tutor  is Giorgia Milne

Topics covered in class include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to the philosophy and practices of Biodynamic Cranial Touch as developed by Charles Ridley
  • History, theory and current evolution of biodynamic cranial practice
  • Practitioner and Client Neutral
  • The three midlines
  • Preparation and grounding practices
  • How to distinguish the characteristics of the different tidal rhythms
  • How those rhythms relate to different levels or states of consciousness
  • How to sense the difference between efferent and non-efferent touch
  • How to speak from experience rather than images and concepts
  • Understanding the major different types of cranial work
  • Biodynamic cranial practice and the evolution of consciousness
  • Demonstration and practice of contacts for giving BCT sessions
  • Anatomy and embryology pertinent to the above
  • Integration: From the classroom to the table and into daily life
  • BCT as practice, how this approach can become a way of being

There will be exchange sessions at least once per day and preferably twice daily with time for sharing, group discussion, comments, questions and exploration of what was revealed in the field. This is how most of the “teaching” comes through. Required reading is “Stillness” by Charles Ridley or the translated class notes.

Typical Review from a student…
“I highly believe every soul should experience the wonder of dynamic stillness. It is an energy beyond words but so lovingly familiar and can’t be lost once reunited. Thank you so much Giorgia for your insight, love and wisdom over an incredible 4 days. As the saying goes…”the simple things in life are often the best.” I highly recommend this workshop to any practitioner from any modality as you will gain an insight to health far beyond comprehension.” Clemente Ruggiero

“Giorgia Milne is not only a foremost teacher in this work, but shares a depth of experience that is seldom seen in class these days. As a student in this class, I was not only given information that filled many gaps in my training as as an energetic therapy practitioner, but answered many unsolved questions that I had about the real purpose of energy therapies. For those who are polarity therapists, or do acupressure, or any type of energy work, then this class is a must do! It is one thing to read about the presence of the breath of life, but another to experience it! It made the Chinese concept of Wu Wei tangible to me, not just an abstract concept. Now I know, because I have felt and sensed” Peter Farnsworth

Course fee : $600USD /3-day , 21 contact hours

 The Mentor Certification  Program

The Body as Consciousness: Stillness, Presence, and Touch

Pre-requisite: Biodynamic Cranial Touch – Initiatory Course

3 x 5 day classes over 18 months -2 years
35 contact hours per class. Tutor is Giorgia Milne.

Program Description

Biodynamic Cranial Touch is a two year mentor course that explores how to directly contact the Breath of Life, as it expresses in the body, which informs and evolves your consciousness. It, furthermore, leads to the ‘silent’ inquiry into the mystery of ‘What is Body?’. We access this through the various modalities of touch: presence, speech, movement, and hands-on contacts. The Mentor Course is open to any type of practitioner or teacher with an ardent desire to exemplify a living contact with the Breath of Life.

(Workshops must be taken in consecutive order.)

Mentor Workshop Details

Level  One Workshop (5 Days)

Level One continues where the Initiatory Course left off. We emphasize a deeper cultivation of Stillness Touch from a neutral disposition, or the natural state. This implies consciously inhabiting your inner body space with your presence, and operating from there based on the tone of your inner atmosphere.

We will also illuminate the hindrances to being in neutral; most particularly we will expose the ancestral hyper masculine disposition that has infected our culture since the break-up of the hunter gatherer times some 10,000 years ago.

The shadow side of operating from the hyper masculine is it separated us from our natural state, dissociated our awareness from abiding in our creature body, and demonized the sensuous qualities felt when the natural, free flow of the feminine – the Breath of Life – courses without recoil in the body. This important discernment requires exposure, illumination, unconditional presence, and our capacity to relax out of it to work from the natural state again.

All other classes are built on this fundamental understanding.

Level Two Workshop (5 Days)

Level Two continues to build upon the foundation established in level one, as we deepen our faculty of heart perception through an intimate body-felt relationship to the fluid body through which we thoroughly explore fluid tide. We then gain insight into the potency body and begin our in-depth exploration of the long tide. We cover all of the preparations required to maintain a body-centered presence in each domain, and point out the differences in the preparation required between the previous enfoldment of cranial wave as compared with fluid tide and long tide.

Level Three Workshop (5 Days)

Level three marks the fulcrum class of the mentor program. The intimate, heart-felt living relationship that you have developed so far with the expressions of fluid tide and long tide, prepares you to fully surrender all egoist strategies which were designed to control your heart perception. So now, you can enter into the infinite potential of Dynamic Stillness, which is the fulcrum of biodynamic work. Essentially, we permit Dynamic Stillness to unite with, and ultimately become, our heart perception–as the unwavering Presence of Stillness. This also known as the causal level of (unified) consciousness, which is the portal to non-dual consciousness.

We continue with health and perceptual functions of the Breath of Life and begin to explore the neutral from other angles to discover how “becoming a neutral” is connected to the evolutionary function of the undifferentiated Breath of Life, relative to a complete bodily realization of Wholeness (non-dual consciousness).

Course fee: $4000USD ( can be paid in $1000 installments ) Each level = 35 contact hours .

   Upon completion of all levels you will recieve a Certificate in Biodynamic Cranial Touch.