The Brain – the matter of the mind

Biodynamic CT

PRE-REQUISITE: CS Anatomy and CS experience required or teacher approval

The brain, being a fluid~chemical~hormonal~electrical field with inherent motility, requires contact from a quality of presence and touch that is in tonal resonance with it.  This class provides the practitioner greater confidence working with brain related issues.  It covers basic anatomy, structure and function of the brain as well as the disposition required to approach it. “Dis-ease” states are addressed and related to as part of a functional whole.

Open to experienced practitioners and students of craniosacral and other allied health modalities wishing to better understanding the brain and deepen their sensing skill.  Approached primarily from biodynamic principles emphasizing practitioner development, quality of presence, and attuned touch rather than a series of techniques designed to “do something” to the brain.

Course fee: $350 USD /2-day  14 contact hours