Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers. Please click on question to reveal the answer.

Can I do level 3 of the CST course before doing level 2?
Yes .level 2 is offered once per year in Adelaide and is a special live in retreat.  Naturally we encourage you to do level 2 asap to experience the full power and scope of this work. Retreat space is limited so you will need to book and pay early.

Do I have to do all levels to practice this work?
In each level you will learn skills and techniques that you can immediately use in your own clinic. You can do part of the whole course or the whole course depending on your circumstances . Some practitioners take 3-4 years to do all the levels – others do it over a 2 year time frame. Whatever you learn at each level can be utilised immediately in your own clinic.

Why do you emphasize Myofascial Release with Craniosacral Therapy?
Studying the Fascial System is not only complementary to the study of CST but is essential for doing good CST work. Essentially the Craniosacral System is interdependent on the Fascial System of the body and vice versa so treating one system effects the other. Sometimes fascial releases need to be completed before CST work can be efficiently engaged. This concept is not new. Pioneering Osteopath A.T. Still MD had this to say –“when our fascia is free we are free” : he also states ” I know of no part of the body that equals the fascia as a hunting ground”. I believe that more rich golden thought will appear to the mind’s eye as the study of the fascia is pursued than any division of the body”.

A.T .Still MD was a person ahead of his time and the role of the fascia and it’s function was later to be expanded by John Barnes PT whose studies confirmed Stills thoughts and concepts. Such ideas were thought of as being revolutionary at the time but now have been confirmed by modern science.Please see our blog for further information.

Why do you hold CST 2 Retreat in Adelaide and not in my local area, for example Sydney?
This is because there are lower costs in Adelaide .For us to hold the CST 2 retreat in Sydney would cost us double the price in accommodation and double the  chef and assistant teacher fees.  We would have to charge you double the price for the retreat if not held in Adelaide.

Can you let know more about the content that you teach in your course?
Please download the Craniosacral Topics PDF file for the cranial content taught over the 7 levels of the course. These topics are not taught specifically in one section but will be covered over the levels.

At the end of each level and completion of assignments you will be sent an electronic statement of completion  which can be stored in your computer or printed out your end. This statement will have the hours of attendance stated so you may use these towards CPE  points. For how many CPE points awarded for face to face attendance please refer your Association.