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Embryology Spirit and Essence Workshop – April 2016

Embryology Spirit and Essence Workshop – April 2016
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According to Carol Ann Agneessens, M.S, RCST; the embryo serves as a reminder of the perfect wholeness of our origins and as a blueprint for our bodies ability to heal. According to the embryologist, Dr Eric Blechschmidt, each part of the embryo develops in motion, and each motion impacts the development of each subsequent function as it develops into form. From the time of conception we are always one whole body. There is a profound inter-communication between the billions of cells in our body. The embryo represents the coherent whole.

Embryology makes us aware of kinetic anatomy, the anatomy of formation. Blechschmidt realised that the embryological development is guided by fluid dynamics. In this Biodynamic approach the fluid dynamics are the forces moving through the natural world are called the Breath of life ad Primary Respiratory movement. Carol mentions that as we cultivate our perceptual and instinctual knowledge, these dynamic forces guide the transformative process within ourselves and with the individuals we touch.

The workshop

Embryology Spirit and Essence Workshop will assist on expanding on these thoughts and making the knowledge applicable to Craniosacral Work.

Topics include and are not limited to:

  • Conception,
  • Pre and post implantation growth,
  • Early arising and development of the Three Midlines,
  • Central Nervous System,
  • and the Heart.

Through experiential exercises with and without touch, movement explorations, PowerPoint presentations, and discussions we will open to these mysteries that are present and alive within us; creating us in every moment; maintaining health, balance, and evolving us as an embodied living consciousness. Wholeness is always here.

Prior knowledge of embryology is not required; diagrams, illustrations and a summary will be available.

Dates and Venue

The workshop dates: 29th of April – 1st of May 2016, (Friday – Sunday) 9AM – 5PM each day
Venue: The Centre, 14 Frances St., Randwick
Cost: $725

To register, contact Craniosacral Academy on 0438 584 123

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