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Welcome to a new Acupressure

As we look towards the year 2014 another opportunity arises to immerse yourself in the depth and poetry of 5-Element Acupressure. This is an ancient system of bodywork that truly works with the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. In the West, we have begun to explore the concept of mind-body, and for the most part we have kept the treatment of the physical body and the mental/emotional body separate, with some concepts around “emotional release” that mostly relate to scope of practice in a bodywork practice.

When we start to learn the functions and interrelationships of the points and meridians from a 5-element perspective, we experience a system for supporting clients’ balance on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels — and that can make our work more effective.

The 5-Element Acupressure class will take you through a process of learning about the functions of the points and meridians from an internal qigong perspective; from an assessment and session planning perspective; and, as always, from the perspective of receiving acupressure sessions in class. You will greatly expand your toolbox of points, explore different relationships between the meridians, refine your interview skills, learn more of the details of pulse and palpation to gain skills for working with common complaints, and musculoskeletal conditions.

On a personal note, I repeated this class a few months ago and fell in love with acupressure all over again. If you are interested in this wonderful bodywork modality and the ways that it can inform all the areas of your practice, I highly recommend this class!

Peter Farnsworth N.D ,DRM