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Giorgia Milne returns to Sydney April 2015

Giorgia Milne returns to Sydney in April 2015 to conduct a three day Introduction to Biodynamic Cranial touch. Come and join us for this enlightening event held where you will experience  profound  stillness.

If you are a bodyworker with some time to spend  over  these three days come and join us – you are most welcome  to join our  group at The Centre, Randwick.

Biodynamic Cranial Touch is one of the most exquisite, refined and noninvasive healing modalites available. Being an open and neutral conduit for the Breath of Life, the practitioner uses gentle contact at specific points on the body, never engaging invasive techniques or even subtle mental intentions. Through mutual entrainment and whole-body coherence, the client is nurtured through a series of subtle cranial enfoldments (expressions of primary respiration) into ever deeper stages of relaxation. In this way, physical and psycho-emotional contraction, stress and trauma are naturally released, liberating new levels of vitality, health and awakening – Neil Stephen Cohen.

Peter Farnsworth