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Giorgia Milne returns to Sydney April 2015

Giorgia Milne returns to Sydney in April 2015 to conduct a three day Introduction to Biodynamic Cranial touch. Come and join us for this enlightening event held where you will experience  profound  stillness.

If you are a bodyworker with some time to spend  over  these three days come and join us – you are most welcome  to join our  group at The Centre, Randwick.


New Fascial Research shows what practitioners were feeling

They say seeing is believing! There is renewed interest in the bodywork community with Myofascial Release Therapy with the release of graphic pictures showing the interaction of the Fascia with the connective tissue of the body. A new DVD clearly demonstrates what John Barnes PT has been alluding to for many years that the fascia is a conduit for not only nerves and meridians but also has an effect on fluids within the body. The DVD was created by Dr Jean Guimberteau.