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Heal more deeply and effectively than you ever thought possible!

New class of 5 element acupressure comes to Sydney in May 2014, taught by Master 5 Element Acupressurist, John Kirkwood. John will expertly mentor you to integrate Acupressure into your work and lifestyle.

  • Solve  health problems in ways not available with other bodywork therapies
  • Assess your clients from a whole body energy perspective
  • Understand patterns of imbalance not obvious by other methods
  • Develop your sensitivity to bio-energy in both yourself and your clients
  • Easily incorporate Acupressure into your current style of work .
  • Integrates  with Trigger point therapy or myofacial release or other energy work
  • Practice gentle techniques that are easy on your body but powerful for your clients
  • Craniosacral Therapists will find that this work gives an added dimension to their cranial work .

Here are some real testimonials from the classes:

“I recently completed Integrative Acupressure taught by John Kirkwood at the N.H.A.A.in Adelaide.  I enjoyed John’s informative relaxed style of teaching immensely and have already incorporated acupressure into my Myofascial and Craniosacral treatments with ease and have received good feed back from clients, and also good results.  Acupressure fits well with these two modalities which I have been practising for 20 years. As a TCM practitioner, Integrated Acupressure has added another dimension to diagnosis and  treatments.  Thank you John.” – Anne Jordan

“I have benefited from doing John’s comprehensive acupressure courses as its enabled me to be more effective in treating my clients by being able to delve deeper into their causes of discomfort.  By having this knowledge you are able to better treat your clients as you learn many acupressure points which are able to treat a large number of different ailments, both physical and emotional.  I really enjoyed John’s acupressure courses. He creates a great atmosphere and supportive environment to learn.  He is an expert in his field, approachable and knowledgable.  If you’re interested in this area I would definitely recommend doing John’s Acupressure courses.” – Ann Stevens