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Acupressure – Natural Relief for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common health complaints in western countries. It is responsible for much pain and misery and time off work. It leads to visits to doctors, chiropractors and osteopaths, consumption of toxic pain killing drugs and time painfully laid up in bed. It also prevents us from leading a normal, active life for the duration of the painful episode which can be days or weeks, even months or years.

Help is at hand! Acupressure is a complete system of healing that also offers quick, easily learned treatments for specific ailments such as LBP. Using its natural therapeutic techniques, we can relieve lumbar pain and stiffness and accelerate the recovery process.

Here I am going to share a simple 5 step, 15 minute treatment that you can offer anyone suffering from LBP. It will support and enhance whatever other treatments are being used, and can also serve as a preventive measure, relaxing the lower back so that it does not get to the point of debilitating pain.

This treatment pattern frees congested Qi (energy) in the Bladder meridian. This meridian runs down the back of the body and right through the lower back area. Begin with your suffering friend lying face down on a massage table or narrow bed. If needed, place a pillow under their tummy to take the strain off their lower back. If it is too painful to lie face down, have them lie on their side and stand behind them to do the treatment.

Step 1. Standing at their left hand side, locate the first point on the back (Bladder 23). It is at the level of the navel and two finger width to the side of the spine. You’ll find it in the thick muscle band that runs alongside the spine. Place the tip of your left thumb on this point. Use moderate pressure but not so much that it hurts your friend.

Step 2. Now find the second point (Bladder 40). Locate the crease behind the left knee joint, and place the tip of your right index finger (or any other finger that feels comfortable) in the middle of the crease, using moderate pressure.

Hold this pair of points for two to three minutes. You may feel pulsing, tingling, heat or other sensations. This is the Qi freeing up and moving through the Bladder meridian. If you don’t feel anything, that’s OK, you will still be having a significant effect.

Step 3. While keeping your thumb where it is on the lower back, move your right index finger to the third point (Bladder 57), which is in the very middle of the calf muscle, half way between the knee and the ankle. Again hold this pair of points for two to three minutes and tune into any sensations of Qi.

Step 4. Again keeping your thumb where it is, move your right index finger to the hollow between the outer ankle bone and the Achilles tendon (Bladder 60). Again hold this pair of points for two to three minutes.

Step 5. Now move to the right side of the body and repeat this sequence, reversing left and right hands.

You can repeat this treatment daily if needed.

John Kirkwood practises Five Element Acupressure in the Adelaide Hills and teaches workshops in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

For more information see www.acupressure.com.au