Craniosacral Therapy 1/MFR

CST 1/MFR – The Energetic Body and Fascia

PRE-REQUISITE: Massage or related tactile therapy or energetic therapy e.g. Reiki Master , Acupressure Therapist or related professions eg. Acupuncture , Physiotherapy, Pilates, Personal Trainer , Yoga Therapist , Bowen Therapist etc.

Graduates of this seminar are immediately able to produce positive, structural changes in their patients with acute and chronic pain and dysfunction. These whole-body techniques will add on important dimensions to your existing skills and practice, greatly enhancing your therapeutic effectiveness.


  • Theory
  • Anatomy of Fascia and Related Structures
  • Whole Body Inter-relationship
  • Development of Palpation Skills

Myofascial Release Techniques

  • Evaluation procedures
  • Leg pulls and treatment for the feet
  • Lumbo-sacral de-compression, plus cranial techniques
  • Transverse Fascial Planes (Thoracic Inlet & Diaphragm) plus cranial techniques
  • Arm pulls and treatment for the hands
  • Upper extremity problems
  • Cervical Spine, Atlas and Axis, Occipital Condyle Release
  • Cross hand techniques for the whole body
  • Specific techniques for the Psoas

Cranio-sacral Therapy

  • History of Cranio-sacral System
  • Anatomy of Cranio-sacral System
  • Evaluation Procedures
  • Cranial/Sacral techniques
  • Palpating Cranial Rhythm
  • Anatomy of Dural Tube
  • Treatment procedures for Dural Tube
  • Introduction to Stillpoints
  • Treatment procedures for working with Stillpoints in a treatment session

As a result of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe basic theory, anatomy and physiology of the fascial system
  • Identify the inter-relationships of the whole body
  • Analyse exercises designed to improve palpation skills
  • Evaluate postural malalignments related to fascial restrictions
  • Identify fascial restrictions
  • Learn and perform myofascial release techniques for the lower extremities
  • Perform cranial sacral techniques to the cranium
  • Apply techniques to the entire body to produce positive structural changes
  • Combine Myofascial Release techniques with Cranio-Sacral techniques in a treatment session
  • Note: The main content of this course includes Myofascial Release technquies.

Course Fee: $795,  seminar length 5 days ( note: currently  Sydney level 1 is $695)